Mo Hasan: Making an Impact and Leveraging Life

Mo Hasan is a University of Southern California football player. He is an entrepreneur, podcast host, and founder of the hunger relief non-profit named, “Second Spoon.” His community service has led him to gain much attention. Some of Mo’s accolades include being voted one of Nashville’s 25 Most Beautiful People, featured on the Today Show, named to the 22-player Allstate AFCA Good Works Team, and selected as a Wuerffel Trophy Finalist.

In this episode, Mo talks through his collegiate football journey from transferring twice to a career riddled with injury yet full or perseverance. Much more than football, Mo speaks on the importance of finding your passions off the field and fulfilling a need you see in the world. He also shares when risks are worth taking, using your platform for good, and how perfection can limit the entrepreneurial spirit.

Mo is a wonderful example of PWYFA Play Where Your Feet Areā„¢ — listen to hear why!

Enjoy Season 2, Episode 2! Click here to listen.

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