Retreats // “Play Dates”

PWYFA Play Where Your Feet Are™ is now hosting retreats! YAY!

To add our personal touch, we are calling our retreats, “Play Dates”.

The mission of these Play Dates will be to build community with like-minded people and PLAY!

“Play” is obviously a part of this company… it is literally in the name itself, but so often the competitive athlete side of our business outweighs the JOY that is the goal of this whole movement. So, we are scheduling on our calendars days to play, and we invite you to join in!

Each month, we will look to host a free little retreat to come together and play in a variety of different ways, whether that be a bonfire night, pickleball tournament, or beach day.

Next Play Date: TBD! Stay tuned for June’s announcement!

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