Best of Season 1: Recap and Highlights

OOH! Y’all are in for a treat! This week’s episode is absolutely amazing because today we look back on Season 1 and present to you the best quotes, gold nuggets, pieces of wisdom, and inspirational stories from our wonderful guests who joined us the past 10 months.

Gathered from each episode of Season 1, we will touch on identity, confidence, failure, low seasons in the valley, taking action, and of course — how to live a life full of living by playing where your feet are!

Click here to listen!

After listening to the Best of Season 1 episode, I highly recommend you go back to listen to each individual episode in full to hear each guest’s full story if you haven’t done so already! (For convenience, linked below)

Episodes in Order of Season:

Victoria Garrick

Will Saxton

Madison Dill McDermott

Brittany Viola Gonzalez

Dr. Emily Schultz

Viraj Kulhari

Jacob “Ten20” Thompson

Tori Petry

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