Victoria Garrick: Defining Self-Love and Reframing Failure

Victoria is a former Division I Volleyball Player, TED Talk Speaker, YouTuber, Social Media Influencer, Podcast Host, Mental Health Advocate, public speaker, and one of my biggest role models. Her energy is contagious, wisdom admirable, and #realposts so comforting.

After her TED Talk in 2017 about “The Hidden Opponent” in sports went viral, Victoria became a leader in the mental health and body-image advocacy space!

To emphasize how Vic is absolutely killing the game right now, just last week she released her one-hundredth Real Pod podcast episode, hit one million downloads on her podcast, and reached one million followers on TikTok! 

Victoria is incredible, to say the least, and I am absolutely honored and overjoyed to have her join the podcast! Listening to this episode, you will learn a lot about self-love, from how we can better define it, to reframing your perspective of failure, and making sure your schedule has enough room to prioritize your mental wellbeing!

Enjoy Season 1, Episode 2! Click here to listen or watch below!

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