Maia Mae Huff: Owning a Business, Surrendering Seasons, and Spreading Life, Love, and Light

Maia Mae Huff is the owner of MM Designs, well known for her iconic smiley face hats! Her company has apparel, accessories, and lifestyle lines. Maia Mae also has a beautiful blog and a podcast called “In this Together”. She is a TedTalk speaker and an influencer for Christ who aims in all things to spread life, love, and light! I’d say she does a fantastic job 🙂

On this episode, MM speaks on her business and the nitty gritty of it, work-life balance, marriage and the merging of dreams, passions merging with purpose, and how play where your feet are relates to her life season, specifically being a wife and business owner in the MLB pipeline!You’re going to learn so much about Maia, her heart, her business, and how surrender is a big part of her current season.

Enjoy Season 2, Episode 15! Click to listen or watch below!

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