Grace Ball: Suffering, Sharing, and Shining

Grace Ball is a former collegiate athlete who played tennis at the University of Kansas City. She is the podcast host of More than an Athlete, where if you look back far enough, you’ll find an episode with yours truly!

Fun fact, Grace and I first were connected through Chris Elliot, the last podcast guest! His 365-Day Devotional written by athletes for athletes feature both Grace and me, and we immediately hit it off once introduced. Soon after, I appeared on her podcast, and now I am thrilled to welcome her to mine.

Grace impacted so many lives through her collegiate career and continues to do so through her podcast and current job with Watermark Church in Dallas, Texas, where she is in their 10-month church leadership program before diving into full-time ministry!

Today, Grace shares what can happen when you really do let go and let God take control. She speaks on suffering well, sharing your testimony, and shining the light of Christ, all by playing where your feet are!

Enjoy Season 2, Episode 10! Click here to listen.

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